Vive el Español

What is learned through EMOTION is not forgotten. That is why we have developed this project.

¡The perfect complement to our classes!

We offer other opportunities to use Spanish in very attractive environments for children.

Listening to and using the language in other contexts naturalises language learning. If these contexts are also interesting for the child,
his or her mind opens up to the language. The motivation to continue learning is born and a strong emotional connection is created which facilitates learning considerably.

Day of Magic

Live magic in Spanish.

Our magician Sergio Barquilla will connect with the children to perform live magic.

During the performance, Sergio constantly interacts with the children, encouraging them to speak in Spanish, asking them questions and introducing simple phrases that are easy to understand.

The children watch the magic tricks spellbound, their concentration is at a much higher level than normal and they are so motivated by what is happening that they feel the need to actively contribute, using the language.

The Dia de Magia is always a success and the Spanish they learn during the tricks they hardly forget. The emotional connection to the language here is very strong.

Sergio is a magician and actor by profession. He loves working with children and his extensive experience and passion for his work shows in the relationships he builds with the children during his magic tricks.

We are sure your child will be eager to repeat it.

Day of stories

During this live experience, Spanish is worked on with the children through storytelling. Children are
encouraged to participate actively, to speak, comment and respond in Spanish. The child is involved in the
story and is motivated to use the language.

And your child will have a great time full of excitement and learning.

During the storytelling, children are encouraged to be active and participate in the construction of meaning.

The pupil often helps to tell the story, or through questions, we motivate them to use

The children love the stories and it keeps them very attentive and involved, making them understand by context many words they have not even studied. This opens their minds to the new language and makes them understand that it is possible to communicate in another language, even if you don’t understand all the words.

Day of Music

Experience Spanish through songs.

The children dance, sing in Spanish and set the rhythm while learning to pronounce correctly and use small grammatical structures and new words.

The musical lessons are organised carefully, with an introduction to the new vocabulary that appears in the song, and at the end of the musical work, a conclusion to the lesson reinforcing what has been learnt.

The rhymes within a song, the rhythmic beat, and the addition of physical movement through dance, makes the child incredibly receptive and relaxed, learning without pressure and having fun.

The effect this way of learning has on the correct pronunciation of the language is immense.

Our teacher Sara Gallego is a lovely person. A musician and teacher with experience working with children, she enjoys and prepares each class with a motivation and energy that goes beyond the screen.

Your child will be singing in spanish all day long.